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That question can only be answered after sitting down and talking with an attorney during a free initial consultation. No matter the type of case you might have, you should speak to an attorney at Lovan Roker & Rounds, P.C. about the merits of your case and any representation you might need.

It is wrong to simply think that a "computer" generates a child support amount. There are numerous factors that influence the amount of child support, and you need to speak with an attorney before you simply accept what the "computer" says.

In Idaho a father has just as much of a right to be awarded custody as the mother. Idaho is not a "mother preference" state. If you are involved in a custody dispute you should come speak with an attorney as soon as possible as waiting could be detrimental to the merits of your case.

Absolutely not. At Lovan Roker & Rounds, P.C. we offer a free initial consultation, where you are not charged unless you choose to retain our services, and the case only goes as far as you feel is necessary to protect the interest of you and your child.

That is absolutely not true, prior to admitting any alleged wrong doing to either a probation or police officer you should always consult with an attorney to determine your rights and the defenses available to you. While on probation you may be required to waive certain constitutional rights, however, you never required to waive your constitutional right to consult with an attorney.

Not necessarily. An agreement made with the police officer is not binding on the prosecutor. The handling prosecutor must also be a party to the agreement to ensure it is enforceable. The simple truth is that a common law enforcement tactic involves the officer lying or making promises to get information from you.

A person is always entitled to represent themselves, however, due to the complexity of any legal proceeding people often fail to gain the full advantages available in a case without the advice of an attorney.

Unfortunately people will often unknowingly plead guilty to a crime in which they do have a valid defense. Additionally, in most cases a plea agreement can reduce the charge or dismiss it outright upon the accused completing a task that would satisfy the prosecutor that a crime will not be committed in the future. For example, a person is charged with reckless driving and the prosecutor agrees that if they complete a safe driving class the prosecutor will dismiss the charge.

The ultimately choice to settle a case or go to trial can only be made by you, the client after having been given the advice of an attorney.

You are entitled to be made whole. This usually means you should be put into the position that you were in before someone injured you and caused damage. Most personal injury representation is done on a contingent basis. Thus, the attorney will not collect an attorney fee if they do not get an award in your favor.

You should immediately contact an attorney to discuss your rights.

Because each situation is different there are different "first steps" that need to be made in each case. Lovan Roker & Rounds, P.C. offers a free consultation for this purpose. We want every person that believes they need a divorce to be able to come and talk with an attorney about what needs to happen now. We can help you make those "first steps" with competent legal advice behind you.

Unless you have a contingent fee case, each of our cases is billed based on the fair value of our services, taking into account the novelty and difficulty of the matter, the skill needed to perform the services competently, the time limitations imposed by you or by circumstances, the experience and ability of our people who work on your behalf, the time expended, and other relevant circumstances. Each client has a large amount of control over the cost of a case by making decisions about the course of the representation. Please call our office to talk about the current fee structure with an attorney. 

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