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A conservatorship, which is different from a guardianship, is a procedure whereby a suitable person is appointed by the Court to manage the financial affairs of a child under the age of 18, an incapacitated person, or a developmentally disabled person. Essentially, where an individual (for various reasons) is unable to handle their financial affairs, a conservator can be appointed to protect that person. The protected person is often referred to as the ward. The purpose of the appointment of a conservator is to protect the finances of the ward.

Idaho Code § 15-4-410 establishes who may be appointed conservator, which includes anyone nominated by the protected person, a spouse, an adult child, a parent, and other relatives or other interested persons whose appointment is in the best interests of the protected person.

Convicted felons are specifically excluded from appointment under I.C. § 15-4-410(3), absent the Court finding clear and convincing evidence that such appointment is in the protected person’s best interests. A conservator has a fiduciary duty to the ward, which means that they must comply with high standards of conduct in marshalling and protecting all of the assets for the benefit of the protected person.

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