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Post Conviction

Idaho Innocence Lawyers
Post Conviction Relief Cases and Wrongful Convictions

Idaho law, specifically the Idaho Uniform Post-Conviction Procedure Act, under Idaho Code §§ 19-4901 to 19-4911, provides a means for criminal defendants to overturn their sentence and/or conviction. For those who maintain that they have been wrongfully convicted, or that they were not provided a fair trial or proper legal representation, time is of the essence in filing for post conviction relief; it is important to quickly contact a wrongful conviction attorney.

When it comes to post-conviction and exoneration cases, commonly the Innocence Project, associated with the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law or the Idaho Innocence Project at Boise State University comes to mind.  In addition to these great organizations, private criminal defense attorneys also assist with post conviction relief claims. If you would like to speak with a lawyer about a criminal conviction that you believe was improper, call (208) 459-6795, or click to request a free lawyer consultation.  Speak with one of the Idaho post conviction lawyers at Lovan Roker & Rounds, P.C.

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